Effect of Unilateral and Bilateral Shoulder Rehabilitation Exercise Protocol in Patients Secondary to Radical Mastectomy


  • Jasleen Kaur Sohal1, Poonam H. Patil2




Shoulder rehabilitation, Mastectomy, Shoulder pain and disability index(SPADI), Range of motion (ROM), Manual muscle testing(MMT).


Background: Mastectomy is an operation which causes many changes in a woman’s body. Its consequence

is, among other things, lymphatic edemas, limitation of movements and strength of the upper limb of the

patient, experiences in the emotional sphere, difficulties related to the postoperative scar and the results of

supplementing treatment such a radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Recent studies have shown the result of

effective physiotherapy treatment postoperatively. There is a paucity of literature available showing the

effect of bilateral approach rather than a unilateral one for the recovery

Objective: Objective of the study was to find out the effect of effect of unilateral and bilateral shoulder

rehabilitation exercise protocol in patients secondary to radical mastectomy

Method: A total of 20 females who underwent mastectomy procedure along with chemotherapy were

included in the study. Demographic data and consent form were taken from the patients. Group A was

received treatment for the unilateral i.e. the affected side and group B received treatment bilaterally for five

days per week for eight weeks and pre and post assessment was done with shoulder pain and disability index

(SPADI), range of motion (ROM) and manual muscle testing (MMT)

Results: Statistics results within the group values for Group A SPADI (p=0.6385) and mean difference

(MD) was

Conclusion: A proper knowledge regarding ergonomics is important to avoid the development of

musculoskeletal disorders, taking stretch breaks in between long working hours can provide a healthier

working environment for nursing staff and maximize human resource efficiency.

Author Biography

  • Jasleen Kaur Sohal1, Poonam H. Patil2

    Intern, Krishna College of Physiotherapy, KIMS ‘Deemed to be’ university, Karad, Maharashtra, India, 2Assistant

    Professor, Department of Cardiopulmonary Sciences, Faculty of Physiotherapy, Krishna Institute Of Medical

    Sciences ‘Deemed to be’ university Karad, Maharashtra, India




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