Awareness of Oral Hygiene Aids among General Population


  • J. Manju1, C. Krithika2 , P.R.Koteshwari 3 , G. Manoj Kumar3



Prevention, Health care, Medical care, Interdental aids, Oral hygiene


Background: The objective of this study was to assess the knowledge of oral hygiene aids among general


Method: The study was conducted on general population in and around Chennai. A total of 100 members

were selected and self-assessed questionnaire was formulated to assess the awareness on oral hygiene aids

Result: About 72% of the population are aware of the commonly available oral hygiene aids; 42%

population used tooth paste and brush as a method of cleaning their teeth; 50% brushed once daily; 51%

used soft brushes to brush; 54% of the population change their bushes only after 6 months; 44% followed

circular motion to brush their teeth; 43% don’t use mouthwash; 49% of population media is the source of

information; to about 83% of population know the importance of oral hygiene.

Conclusion: The present study shows better knowledge and awareness of oral hygiene aids but the oral

hygiene practice seemed to be non-satisfactory. The awareness regarding the usage of oral hygiene aids,

indicates that a mass educative programme should be conducted among the general population.

Author Biography

  • J. Manju1, C. Krithika2 , P.R.Koteshwari 3 , G. Manoj Kumar3

    1 Senior Lecturer, 2Professor and Head of the Department, 3Undergraduate Trainee, Department of Oral Medicine

    & Radiology, Thai Moogambigai Dental College & Hospital, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India




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