Importance of Forensic Odontology


  • Mutum Sangeeta Devi1 , Manju J2 , Rahul Rajpurohit1



forensic, bite mark, lip print, tongue print, polymerase chain reaction


Forensic dentistry is the connection between the dental professions and forensic professions. In fact, the teeth

and jaws are highly resistant to degradation and decomposition by postmortem. For a number of different

reasons and situations such as mass disasters, in criminal investigations and in the case of disfigured bodies

due to fire and vehicle accidents, dental identification of humans happens. The different methods include

x-rays, antemortem & post-mortem photographs, tooth prints, palatal rugae, lip printing, bite marking and

molecular methods such as polymerase chain reaction for pulp DNA analysis.

Author Biography

Mutum Sangeeta Devi1 , Manju J2 , Rahul Rajpurohit1

1 Senior lecturer, Madha Dental college and Hospital, Chennai., 2Senior Lecturer Thai moogambigai Dental

College and Hospital DR. M.G.R Educational and Research Institute University Chennai




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Mutum Sangeeta Devi1 , Manju J2 , Rahul Rajpurohit1. (2020). Importance of Forensic Odontology. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 14(3), 454–458.