Ultrasound Characterization of Abdominal Wall Endometriosis


  • Mohammed Bader Hassan, Omar Muayad Sultan2 , Adnan Mohammed Brayyich3




cesarean section, abdominal wall, endometriosis, ultrasound, elastography.


Background:Aim: Our aim in this study is to define the ultrasound finding in the patients have abdominal

wall mass proven by postoperative histopathology as abdominal wall endometriosis.

Patients & Methods: A cross sectional study was done from first of August 2016- first of September 2019 in

Baghdad governorate. The study included 32 patients. Diagnosis done by superficial ultrasound examination.

Results: 32 female have done at least 1 Cesarean section the commenst presenting symptom was pain in 90%

of patients , all the lesions were hypoechoic in texture , with heterogeneity and small foci of echogenisity in

75% of our population , the consistency of the lesions was purely sold in 93.8% of lesions ,on color Doppler

only 18.7% was avascular , the resistive index of the arterial flow was below 0.70 in 31 % of patients ,on

elastography 78.5% of lesions was hard , the accuracy of assessment of muscle infiltration was 71% ,the

ultrasound was the only imaging required preoperatively in 85% of our patients , the ultrasound was able to

discriminate between endometrioma and collection or hernias in all patients and was the in the differential

diagnosis list in about 90% of our population

Conclusion: the ultrasound characteristics of abdominal wall endometriosis if combined with clinical

features and symptoms of the patients is excellent preoperative imaging modality to reach the diagnosis and

exclude other lesions and accurately assessing muscle invasion in most of cases for proper surgical planning

Author Biography

  • Mohammed Bader Hassan, Omar Muayad Sultan2 , Adnan Mohammed Brayyich3

    1Assistant professor in radio diagnosis – AL-Iraqia University – College of Medicine – Iraq, 2Lecturer of radio

    diagnosis - Tikrit University – college of Medicine – Iraq, 3 Head of general surgery department in Altarmya

    general hospital -Baghdad




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