Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Pain among Iraqi Dentists


  • Alia Tabour Thijeel



Musculoskeletal pain, Prevalence, Iraqi, Dentists


Introduction: Prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) very high among dentists world wide.

Among these MSDs, neck pain & Low back pain are most common. Objective: After extensive search on

prevalence of MSDs pain among dentists in different countries, we planned a study to examine prevalence

among Iraqi dentists. Methodology: this study was cross sectional survey study conducted at Medical

institute of Baghdad, Al-Falah dental center and Prosthetic and orthodontic dental center. Dentists were

selected using simple randomized methods and using certain exclusion and inclusion criteria. Results: All

participants filled the questionnaire forum . 44.4% were male, 66.6% female. Prevalence of back pain was

18.9% , Neck pain was 13.3%, 2.2% had hand pain, 30% had no pain. Conclusion: High prevalence of

MSDs in general reach to about 70% and the most affected area were as fellow :Neck& shoulder , back and

hand .Male and young age were more prone to different MSDs.

Author Biography

Alia Tabour Thijeel

Assist. Lecturer, Prevention department , Technical Medical Institute, Middle Technical University /Iraq




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