Effect of Foot Strengthening Exercises in Osteoarthritis Knee


  • Cynthia S. Jagtap1 , Mandar Malawade2




Foot, strengthening exercises, knee, osteoarthritis, VAS, WOMAC and ROM


Background: Knee osteoarthritis is one of the leading cause of global disability. Patients with degenerative

knee osteoarthritis clinically complain of pain, decreased muscle strength, joint instability, joint stiffness and

proprioceptive deficits, all of which lead to a decrease in or loss of function. Foot pain is highly disabling,

functional abilities and increases the risk of falls.

Method: This was an experimental study with total of 33 subjects who had knee osteoarthritis with foot

disability. Subjects of both genders with age group of 40 – 65 years fulfilling the inclusion and exclusion

criteria participated. The outcome measure used was womac scale, for pain Visual analogue scale (VAS).

Result:Statistical analysis of VAS, WOMAC and range of motion (ROM) were found to be extremely

significant with a P value of <0.0001.

Conclusion: This study concluded that foot strengthening exercises were effective. It is proved from this

study that foot strengthening exercises has significant effect on pain, range of motion and functional status

of OA knee.

Author Biography

  • Cynthia S. Jagtap1 , Mandar Malawade2

    1 Intern, Faculty of Physiotherapy, 2Asso. Professor, Department of Pediatrics,Faculty of Physiotherapy, Krishna

    Institute of Medical Sciences deemed to be university, Karad, Maharashtra, India.




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