The Correlation between Lipid Profile and Smoking


  • Mohammed Jasim Qasim1 , Israa Q. Falih2, Faten Khudhair Al_Husaini3



Lipid Profile, smokers, non-smokers, TC, HDL-c, TG, LDL-c, and LDL-c, Maysan.


The objectives were to find out the alterations in serum lipid status among adult male smokers and non

smokers in Maysan Province, south of Iraq, as well as to evaluate the relationship between the heaviness

of smoking and dyslipidemia in smoker subjects. A comparative study was achieved on 160 men with aged

30-63 years which were grouped to smokers and nonsmokers, among them 120 individuals were smokers

and the other 40 were nonsmokers. According to the intensity of smoking, the smoker group is divided again

into three subgroups: mild (A), moderate (B), and heavy (C) smokers. The concentrations of total cholesterol

(TC), high density lipoprotein-c (HDL-c), triglycerides (TG), low density lipoprotein-c (LDL-c) and very

low density lipoprotein-c (LDL-c) were measured and calculated. The results revealed that concentrations

of serum lipid profiles in smokers were significantly higher than that of nonsmokers except in case of high

density lipoprotein-c which was significantly reduced among smokers. In addition to that the lipid profile

had a significant correlation with the cigarette numbers of that smoked daily; the mean values of all lipid

fractions except HDL-c were noticeably increased from group A to group C, while they were decreased

in the case of HDL-C. There were significantly different between nonsmokers and different groups of the

smoker, the values of TC of groups A, B, and group C were (178.6, 181.7, and 183.5) mg/dl respectively.

According to similar arrangement of above smoker groups, the mean values of TG were (238.4, 245.2,

and 248.7) mg/dl. In case of HDL- c, they were (31.5, 28.4, and 26.8) mg/dl. Among LDL-c level, they

were (194.8, 203.8, and 204.9) mg/dl. In VLDL- c level, they were (47.7, 48.2, and 50.5) mg/dl. The

findings of the study showed that smokers (especially heavy smokers) are at much greater risk of initiating

atherosclerotic plaques and various heart diseases than non-smokers.

Author Biography

  • Mohammed Jasim Qasim1 , Israa Q. Falih2, Faten Khudhair Al_Husaini3

    1Lecturer at Department of Basic Scienc, College of Nursing, University of Misan, Maysan, Iraq, 2Lecturer,

    Ph.D. at Department of Chemistry, College of Science, University of Misan, Maysan, Iraq, 3 Assistant Lecturer at

    Department of Medical Laboratory Technique, Al_Manara college for Medical Sciences, Maysan, Iraq




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