Recent Root Canal Instruments and Techniques: A Review


  • Zeena T. Abdulhadi Alani



NITI,instrumentation technique, health; canal; roots.


In this article the properties and advantages of NITI alloy were presented with the development of new types of

endodontic files and instrumentation techniques. Each new one was designed to solve disadvantages present

in older one. NITI files always considered suitable for negotiation of curved canals, this automatically will

reduce any possibility of some problems like transportation, ledge formation and zipping within the canal.

Cleaning and shaping of the root canal space is the most important to create a sterile area, organisms free. In

order to reach this goal (sufficient information of current development of instruments and instrumentation

techniques is needed). With the new versions which are rapidly becoming available, the Dentist may find it

a little bit difficult to choose the most suitable file and technique for an individual case. Practitioners must

always keep in mind that benefits and weaknesses is present in most file systems. In other hand clinical

experience, usage safety, handling properties and outcomes of the case, should decide a particular design


Conclusion: Endodontic treatment files and techniques are very rapidly developed and this is the most

important point,since each new design or technique will supply advantages which improve the endodontic

treatment work and prognosis.

Author Biography

  • Zeena T. Abdulhadi Alani

    Dr. Lecturer, B.D.S., M.Sc., Conservative Dentist, College of Dentistry, AL-Iraqia University/Iraq




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