Fracture Resistance of New Fiber Post System (Rebilda GT)


  • Emad Farhan Alkhalidi



Fracture resistance, Rebilda GT post, Rebilda fiber post.


Background and Aims: Evaluate and compare the fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth

restored with bundle glass fiber post and tapered glass fiber post, at 45 degree oblique load.

Materials and Method: Thirty newly extracted single rooted mandibular first premolars were chosen, and

after root canal preparation and obturation, post spaces were prepared. Then the samples were separated into

three groups (n = 10) dependent on the type of restorative method used: group A restored with Rebilda fiber

post [tapered glass fiber post], group B restored with Rebilda post GT post system (bundle glass fiber post),

and group C restored with direct composite resin restoration without a post (control). Using a universal

testing machine with speed of 0.5 mm/minute at 45 degree sloping load which was applied to the restored

teeth, fracture resistance was recorded in Newton.

Results: The results showed that the fracture resistance significantly affected by different post systems (p

< 0.05). The bundle glass fiber post (rebilda Gt) showed highest fracture resistance than the other groups.

Conclusion: Rebilda GT post (bundle glass fiber system) showed higher fracture resistance than the Rebilda

fiber post (tapered glass fiber post) and control group respectively

Author Biography

Emad Farhan Alkhalidi

BDS, MSc, PhD [Assist Professor], University of Mosul, College of Dentistry,

Department of Conservative Dentistry




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