Genetic and Hybrid Gray Wolf Optimization Algorithm


  • Noor Muhammed Noori1 , Omar Saber Qasim2



Gray wolf optimization; classification; feature selection; mutual information.


Much of the data in the classification issue contains a number of additional attributes that do not affect

the accuracy of the classification. There are many evolutionary algorithms that are used to define the

feature and reduce dimensional patterns such as the gray wolf algorithm (GWO) after converting it from a

continuous space to a discrete space. In this research, a method of feature selection was proposed through

two consecutive stages in the first stage, the mutual information (MI) method is used to determine the most

important feature selection. In the second stage, the binary gray wolf optimization (BGWO) algorithm is

used to lessen and determine a specific number of features affecting the process of classification, which

came from the first stage. The proposed algorithm MI_BGWO is efficient and effective by obtaining higher

classification accuracy and a small number of specific features compared to other competing algorithms.

Author Biography

Noor Muhammed Noori1 , Omar Saber Qasim2

1 M.Sc. Student, 2Assist. Prof., Department of Mathematics, University of Mosul, Mosul, Iraq




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Noor Muhammed Noori1 , Omar Saber Qasim2. (2020). Genetic and Hybrid Gray Wolf Optimization Algorithm. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 14(3), 2648–2654.