Comparative Histomorphological Study of Kidneys in Pigeon (Columba livia) and Starling Birds (Sturnus valguris)


  • Suhaib A. H. AL-Taai1 , Riyadh H. Nasif1



starling, pigeon, bird, kidney, histology, comparison


This paper is focused application on the histomorphological and morphometrical differences of the kidneys
of two species (Sturnus valguris and Columba livia ) belong to different orders varied in climate. Our study
used 30 birds divided into two equal groups; first was 15 starling birds (Sturnus valguris) and the second
group consisted of 15 pigeon (Columba livia). The current study showed morphological results of kidneys
in both birds, where appeared differences between kidneys. In starling’s kidney was described square shape
with fused left and right kidneys, either pigeon’s kidney was divided in to three lobes (cranial, middle
and caudal) with elongated-like. The present study was revealed Mean measurements. The study recorded
length of starling’s kidney was (4.43±0.12cm), while weight and volume were recorded (3.75±0.05g) and
(2.28m±0.04cm³) respectively, while in pigeon was kidney length (5.45±0.12cm), weight of kidney was
(4.85±0.02g) and volume about (2.21±0.06cm³). Microscopic results were included in two species, the renal
cortex which made up the majority of the kidney, while small region of kidney called medulla. Our study
was different impatience between starling’s bird and pigeon kidney about renal corpuscles, where the study
showed the bowman’s space in starling bird was wide from pigeon. The study observed significant statistics
analysis. Mean measurement was (10.64±0.02µm) and (8.65±0.04µm) in bowman’s space, while mean of
the glomerulus capillaries and renal corpuscles of pigeon was a larger than starling’s bird (47.54±0.11µm),
(26.60±0.12µm),(56.55±0.12µm) and (37.41±0.11µm) respectively. Also the present work was recorded
significant statistics analysis during calculation the number of renal corpuscles in 1 mm² in starling bird
kidney was more than that in the kidney of pigeon (20.25 ± 0.23µm) and (16.42 ± 0.01µm).

Author Biography

  • Suhaib A. H. AL-Taai1 , Riyadh H. Nasif1

    Lect., Department of Anatomy & Histology, College of Veterinary Medicine / University of Baghdad/Iraq




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Comparative Histomorphological Study of Kidneys in Pigeon (Columba livia) and Starling Birds (Sturnus valguris). (2020). Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 14(4), 1707-1713.