Study the Incidence, Types of Anemia and Associated Risk Factors in Pregnant Women


  • Rasha Saadi Abbas



Anemia, Pregnant women, Incidence, Types, Risk factors.


Background: Anemia is a global public health problem affecting both developing and developed countries
and more prevalent among pregnant women. Worldwide the main cause of anemia during pregnancy is iron
deficiency, if remain untreated it might leads to increased risk for perinatal morbidity and mortality.
Aim of the study: is to find an incidence of anemia among pregnant women along with types and severity
to assess the association of various maternal characteristics with anemia forms.
Materials and methods: One hundred twenty eight pregnant women were enrolled in this study. Seventy
five pregnant women were diagnosed with anemia while fifty three pregnant women without anemia
included in this study as a control subjects. Blood samples were collected to determine hemoglobin level
and complete blood counts (CBC).
Results: The mean age was 27.76 years for 75 anemia pregnant women and mean of 26.08 years for 53
control non- anemic pregnant women with no statically significant differences (P>0.05). Most of anemic
pregnant women had a pregnancy gap ? 1 year (51%) while most of non-anemic pregnant women had a gap
of > 3 years (62%) with highly significant differences between both groups (P<0.01). Approximately half
of anemic pregnant women surveyed found to had a moderate anemia (Hb 7- 9.9 g/dl), one third (32%) of
pregnant women is multigravida with moderate anemia type and (62%) of anemic pregnant women found
to had Microcytic& Hypochromic anemia. In the present study (80%) of pregnant women receiving iron
supplementation, also (73%) receiving folic acid supplement. Only (20%) receiving blood transfusion for
severe anemia type.
Conclusion: The results of this research support the idea that the incidence of anemia is still high among
pregnant women and iron deficiency anemia is the most prevalent type with anemia became more pronounced
at third trimester of pregnancy and mostly with moderate severity type.

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Rasha Saadi Abbas

Assistant Lecturer, Department of Clinical Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad,




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