Video Self Modelling - An Intervention to Study Bell’s Palsy through Kinect Azure: A Research Protocol


  • Madhura R. Darware1 , Divya Jethwani2



Bell’s palsy, physical therapy, Kinect


Background: Bell’s palsy is the common acute mono-neuropathy, and is commonly associated with facial
paralysis or weakness of facial nerve. It is unilateral facial nerve paresis or paralysis. The cause of Bell’s
palsy is suspected to be herpes simplex virus infection of nerve.The nerve get swollen because of this
viral infection and is compressed in its canal as it passes through the temporal bone. Grading systems for
the assessment of movements and asymmetry of face in Facial palsy are divided into computer-based and
traditional grading systems. The program that uses Kinect Azure provides assessment method for evaluation
of asymmetry of face at rest and the rating of facial palsy during voluntary activity of various areas over
face. This study aims to investigate the intervention of facial palsy by video self modelling with the use of
Kinect Azure.
Methods: 20 participants will be selected. Each group will include 10 subjects. Group A will receive
conventional treatment, electrical muscle stimulator(EMS) ,and visual feedback.
Group B(Experimental group) will receive conventional treatment ,electrical muscle stimulator and video
self modelling. Each participant would be presented with their own videotape of video self-modeling, which
included the best attempts at their evenest acts (smiles).Following 2 weeks of tape viewing the actions will
be assessed. The outcome of the treatment will be assessed by Kinect Azure.
Discussion: Traditional methods for documentation of treatment effect have been through scales and
questionnaires which at times are little complex and also difficult for patients to interpret. Hence this
experimental and comparative study aims at focusing on the effective use of Kinect to document outcome
for bell’s palsy

Author Biography

Madhura R. Darware1 , Divya Jethwani2

Final year Student, 2Associate Professor, Department of Neuro-Physiotherapy, Ravi Nair Physiotherapy College,
Sawangi(M), Wardha



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Madhura R. Darware1 , Divya Jethwani2. (2020). Video Self Modelling - An Intervention to Study Bell’s Palsy through Kinect Azure: A Research Protocol. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(1), 1886-1891.