Awareness of Health Workers in Premature Units At Kirkuk City Hospitals Concerning Neonatal Jaundice


  • Wijdan Abdullameer Kamel1 , Chateen Jihad Rauf2



Neonatal jaundice, hyperbilirubinemia, health workers, Kirkuk


Objective: this study aimed to assess the awareness of the health workers in premature units regarding
neonatal jaundice at Kirkuk city hospitals, as well as to find out the socio demographic characteristics of the
study sample
Methodology: A descriptive study was carried out at premature units of Azadi Teaching Hospital, Kirkuk
General Hospital and Pediatric Hospital of Kirkuk city, for a period from the 1st February and up to the 15th
of May, 2019 and to achieve the objectives of the study. A non-probability (purposive) sample of (62) health
workers working at premature unit were recruited. Developed questionnaire was constructed for the purpose
of the study which consisted of two parts: the demographic characteristics; awareness part (knowledge and
practices). The data were collected through the use of self- administered technique. They were analyzed
through the application of descriptive statistical analysis (Frequency, Percentage % and mean score) data
Results: The findings of the study indicated that (45.2%) of the staff were from pediatric hospital. (40.3%)
were graduated from Nursing Institute, (43.5%) had experience from 1<5 years and (74.2%) had participated
in a training course mostly inside the country. The total grand mean score for the staff awareness (knowledge
and practices) were adequate (1.73).
Conclusions and Recommendations: Assessment for the study sample awareness was adequate.
Educational programs should be designed to increase the health workers awareness working at pediatric
departments regarding management of neonatal jaundice especially those with less than 5 years’ experience.

Author Biography

Wijdan Abdullameer Kamel1 , Chateen Jihad Rauf2

MSc. Environmental Chemistry. Assistant Lecturer, Department of Basic Sciences, Kirkuk University, College of
Nursing, Kirkuk, Iraq, 2MSc. Industrial Chemistry. Assistant Lecturer, Kirkuk Education Directorate, Kirkuk, Iraq



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Wijdan Abdullameer Kamel1 , Chateen Jihad Rauf2. (2020). Awareness of Health Workers in Premature Units At Kirkuk City Hospitals Concerning Neonatal Jaundice. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(1), 2295-2302.