CT scan Findings of COVID-19 in Patients with Fatty Liver


  • Israa Mohammed Sadiq1 , Kermanj Ismail Bakr1




CT scan, COVID 19, Fatty Liver.


Purpose: COVID 19) is a respiratory disease caused by a member of the coronaviruses family, named
(SARS-CoV-2), discovered in December 2019 in China. This study aims to assess the association of the
simple fatty liver disease with the severity of the chest computed tomography (CT) scan findings in COVID
Materials and Methods: It was a cross-sectional study that enrolled 322 patients with positive (RT-PCR)
tests and chest CT scan findings. Patients with chronic lung and liver disease, alcoholics, and abnormal liver
function tests excluded from the study. The liver CT scan density assessed, accordingly the patients divided
into fatty-liver and non-fatty liver groups. The severity of lung CT changes compared between them, using
Chi-square test.
Conclusion: COVID patients with fatty liver have more progressive changes in the chest CT scan. They
have similar lung lesion distribution to non- fatty liver patients. Crazy paving lesions, septal thickening,
Lymphadenopathy and plural effusion in fatty liver patients occurs in the same frequency as non-fatty liver

Author Biography

Israa Mohammed Sadiq1 , Kermanj Ismail Bakr1

Lecturer in Kirkuk College of Medicine, MBChB (Tikrit University), FIBMS Radiology (Iraqi Board for Medical
Specialization). Department of Surgery/ Radiology, College of Medicine, University of Kirkuk, Kirkuk/Iraq.



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Israa Mohammed Sadiq1 , Kermanj Ismail Bakr1. (2020). CT scan Findings of COVID-19 in Patients with Fatty Liver. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(1), 2660-2665. https://doi.org/10.37506/ijfmt.v15i1.13800