Dissection of Learning Opportunities and Obstacles While Learning Through Video Conferencing Platform (VCP) - During Covid 19 Lockdown


  • Jyoti
  • Khina Sharma
  • Jyoti Sarin




: video conferencing platform, learning, nursing students, opportunities and obstacle


Background- COVID 19 pandemic has influenced our lives in all the aspects, even the younger generations
are also not left untouched, specially their studies. Professional courses like nursing has integrated theory
with practical learning and due to the lock down situation both aspects of learning - theory as well as
the clinical learning are suffering. Though the teaching institutes have come up with the solutions like
online lectures, using the video conferencing platform (VCP). This has expanded the horizon of traditional
classroom. Though it is widely practiced in developed countries but in India it is still a new trend of learning.
Purpose - of this study was to assess learner’s satisfaction level while learning through video conferencing
platform and various opportunities and obstacles learner’s faced were explored. Methods – nursing students
were the participants and online self-reporting method was adopted for the data collection. Self-developed
questionnaire was completed by 138 participants and questionnaire had 36 items to respond on Video
Conferencing Platform related to learner’s satisfaction, also opportunities & obstacles encountered while
learning through VCP.
Results – Majority (63%) of the participants were somewhat satisfied, learning through VCP and 26.1% were
highly satisfied. Observation of the opportunities were found to be better learning outcome – brainstorming
stimulation, self-motivated learning, able to ask and clear doubts and lecture was reported to be captivating.
Another opportunity reported was comfort while learning which included the learning in personal space,
no compulsion of physical presence at teaching institute and freedom to choose which lecture to attend.
Obstacles reported were related to the classroom environment where the chances avoiding questions and
fooling the instructor was reported by majority participants, technical challenges like slow internet disturbed
the lecture and made it difficult to articulate lecture and also missed part of lecture. Other obstacles reported
were decreased social interaction, participants found learning through VCP to be tiresome as compared to
traditional classroom, connectivity issues disturbance create due to the surroundings. Association between
the course of study with satisfaction level, opportunities and obstacles were found to be significant, whereas
the association between the time spend on VCP was found to be significant only with obstacles.

Author Biographies


Principal, College of Nursing, Government Medical College & Hospital, Chandigarh

Khina Sharma

Nursing tutor, College
of Nursing, Government Medical College &Hospital Chandigarh

Jyoti Sarin

Director, College of Nursing, Maharishi
Markandeshwar College Of Nursing Mullana



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Jyoti, Khina Sharma, & Jyoti Sarin. (2021). Dissection of Learning Opportunities and Obstacles While Learning Through Video Conferencing Platform (VCP) - During Covid 19 Lockdown. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 155-162. https://doi.org/10.37506/ijfmt.v15i2.14295

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