A retrospective study on seroprevalence of Transfusion Transmitted Infections in blood donors at Dhiraj Hospital, Vadodara


  • Kuntal Patel
  • Raxitkumar Suthar
  • Gunjan Rathod




Blood donor, Seroprevalence, Transfusion transmitted infections


Background: Transfusion of blood and its components help in saving lives but it can also be a life-threatening
hazard. Prevention of transmission of infectious diseases through blood transfusion in developing countries
is difficult, since the resources available are limited.
Methods and Material: A retrospective study was undertaken to determine the seroprevalence of TTI
among the blood donors who donated blood to Dhiraj Hospital Blood Bank between January 2015 and
December 2019.The TTI reports of the donors was obtained from the blood donor data records.
Each blood unit was tested by ELISA method for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C virus. Syphilis was tested
by Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR) card test. Malaria was tested by antigen rapid diagnostic test.
As is the practice in the Blood Bank, all positive samples were subject to repeat test for confirmation, before
the seropositive blood unit is discarded
The information extracted from the Dhiraj Hospital blood bank database also included donor Id, Age, Sex,
Residential address, donation type, donation frequency.
Results: The data analysed in the study consisted of a total 20,711 blood donations, of which 2728 (13.1%)
were voluntary and 18,288 (86.9%) were replacement donation.
The seroprevalence rate of HIV was 0.1, that of HBV was 1.4, HCV 0.1, syphilis was 0.5 and Malaria was
0.3 among all the blood donors. The TTIs were more frequently found in replacement donors in comparison
to volunteer donors.
Ø The prevalence of TTI is higher in replacement blood donors than voluntary blood donors, hence
collection of blood from replacement donors should be at least reduced, if not totally eliminated.
Ø Stringent criteria need to be used for selection of blood donors.
Ø Potential Voluntary blood donors need to be identified and motivated to donate blood regularly.

Author Biographies

Kuntal Patel

Associate Professor

Raxitkumar Suthar

2nd Year Resident, Pathology Department

Gunjan Rathod

2nd Year Resident, Pathology Department, Smt.
BK Shah Medical Institute & Research Centre, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth Deemed to be University, Piparia, 391760,
Vadodara, Gujarat, India.



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Kuntal Patel, Raxitkumar Suthar, & Gunjan Rathod. (2021). A retrospective study on seroprevalence of Transfusion Transmitted Infections in blood donors at Dhiraj Hospital, Vadodara. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 261-266. https://doi.org/10.37506/ijfmt.v15i2.14320