Oral Health Status of 12-15 Years Old School Going Children in Lucknow City


  • Rashmi Lata
  • Shitanshu Malhotra
  • Madhusudan Krishna
  • Manu Narayan
  • Om Veer Singh
  • Neeraj Kumar




Dental Caries, Malocclusion, OHI-S, Students


Aim: To evaluate oral health status of 12-15 years old school going children in Lucknow.
Material and Method: The study was carried out during January 2019 to August 2019. Total 1200 school
going children of age 12 to 15 years were taken in this study. Schools were selected by multistage random
sampling technique. There were total 814 schools in the Lucknow, out of which 24 schools were taken in
the study area in which 11 were government schools and remaining 13 were private schools. Closed-ended
questionnaire consisting of demographic data, three questions of oral hygiene practices and four indices
were used. Dental examination was done to assess the dental caries status, oral hygiene status, presence of
malocclusion and gingival status. Data was analysed by using SPSS software version 21.
Results: Toothpaste and toothpowder were used as material by 73.2% and 25.3% of the subjects respectively.
The maximum DMFT scores was seen among 12 years, then 15 years, then 14 years and least in 13 years.
Maximum 13 years old students reported fair oral hygiene index. The comparison of study participants with
regard to age of the student was not found to be significant.
Conclusion: To conclude, the results of the present study confirmed that there is increased prevalence of
malocclusion among children in the 12 to 15 year age group. Among all the age group, oral hygiene status
was observed to be fair.

Author Biographies

Rashmi Lata

Post graduate Student

Shitanshu Malhotra


Madhusudan Krishna


Manu Narayan


Om Veer Singh

Senior Lecturer, Department of Public Health Dentistry,
Career Post Graduate Institute of Dental Sciences & Hospital, Lucknow

Neeraj Kumar

Post graduate Student, Department of
Public Health, Shree Guru Gobind Singh Tricentenary University, Gurgoan, Haryana



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Rashmi Lata, Shitanshu Malhotra, Madhusudan Krishna, Manu Narayan, Om Veer Singh, & Neeraj Kumar. (2021). Oral Health Status of 12-15 Years Old School Going Children in Lucknow City. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 660-667. https://doi.org/10.37506/ijfmt.v15i2.14387