Ajan Vruksha/ Khandu Chakka (Ehretia Laevis Roxb). Plant Leaves as A Effective Healer in Chronic Varicose Vein Ulcer. – A Case Report


  • Rushikesh Thakre
  • Preeti Sujit Borkar
  • Ketaki Harne
  • Pradip Tekade




Chronic Varicose Vein Ulcer, Khandu Chakka, Ajan Vruksha, Ehretia Laevis Roxb


Introduction— Varicose vein ulcer is caused by abnormal function of veins due to chronic vein insufficiency,
vein damage, ageing, obesity, congestive heart failure. Ehretia Laevis Roxb. plant is traditionally used for
wounds(1) . Also its efficacy is tested in various wounds except chronic varicose ulcer.(2)
The main symptoms of the patient and the important clinical findings:- Patient having swelling, redness
at right foot, yellowish pus discharge, blackness of skin and presence of ulcer since three years with severe
pain and inability to perform his regular duties
The main diagnoses, therapeutics interventions, and outcomes:- Patient having chronic varicose
vein ulcer at right leg since three years. Ehretia Laevis Roxb. leaves paste was prepared under all aseptic
precaution and daily dressing of Ehretia Laevis Roxb. paste done on wound. Severe pain was reduced within
48 hrs after application of paste, which was significant finding. Wound was healed within 40 days without
any complication and use of antibiotics and pain killer
Conclusion— Patient was very happy as he got immediate relief from pain and his wound was healed
without any invasive procedures by application of Ehretia Laevis Roxb. leaves paste.

Author Biographies

Rushikesh Thakre

Assistant Professor

Preeti Sujit Borkar

Professor & Head, Department of Samhita& Siddhant MGACH & RC, Datta Meghe
Institute Medical Sciences ( DU) Wardha( MS) India

Ketaki Harne

PhD scholar( Chemistry), Rastra Santa Tukadoji Maharaj
Nagpur University Nagpur ( MS). India

Pradip Tekade

Associate Professor Department of Chemistry Bajaj College of
Science(Formerly known as Jankidevi Bajaj College of Science), Wardha (MS), India



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Rushikesh Thakre, Preeti Sujit Borkar, Ketaki Harne, & Pradip Tekade. (2021). Ajan Vruksha/ Khandu Chakka (Ehretia Laevis Roxb). Plant Leaves as A Effective Healer in Chronic Varicose Vein Ulcer. – A Case Report. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 703-707. https://doi.org/10.37506/ijfmt.v15i2.14394