Role of TE in MR Spectroscopy for the Evaluation of Brain Tumour with Reference to Choline and Creatinine


  • Suhas Pruthviraj Tivaskar
  • Bhushan N. Lakhkar
  • Rajasbala P. Dhande
  • Gaurav V. Mishra



Brain Tumour, Spectroscopy, Short TE, Intermediate TE, Choline, Creatinine, Metabolites, Multivoxel.


Background: The brain tumour is the most typical neurological disease in the human. The brain tumour
causes partial paraplegia, memory loss and various kinds of neurological disorder which causes changes
of metabolic process in the brain, integrity of neurons, cells proliferation and detoriation. For accuracy in
detection, patient will undergo MR Spectroscopy (MRS) based on MR imaging will enhance more widely
used clinical applications and is capable to gives details information about metabolite properties in the
brain of normal and abnormal tissue morphology. MRS is the non-invasive procedure may provide details
and accuracy about the metabolites in the brain tumour. This study aims to detect efficacy of short and
intermediate TE in evaluation of brain tumour with reference to choline and creatinine using multivoxel
MRS technique.
Method: The total participants (n = 75) with the brain tumour will be included randomized scan under the
MRI with a customised protocol. We will be applying two various types of multivoxel MR sequence with
a short TE and intermediate TE. Both sequence applying on each participant of brain tumour with cover
proper saturation band and after the post processing we will evaluate choline and creatinine metabolite and
measured the exact variation between given values.
Expected Results: MR Spectroscopy may allow the noninvasive separation of high-grade tumour from the
low-grade tumour. Choline and Creatinine ratios may show the steady results in concluding the grade of
tumour. The Intermediate TE may show more accuracy, sensitivity and specificity as compared with short

Author Biographies

Suhas Pruthviraj Tivaskar

PG Student, M.Sc. MRIT (Medical Radiology and Imaging Technology), Department of Radiology

Bhushan N. Lakhkar

Professor and

Rajasbala P. Dhande

Professor and Head of Department

Gaurav V. Mishra

Associate Professor, Department of Radiology, Jawaharlal Nehru
Medical College, Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences, Wardha, Maharashtra, India



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Suhas Pruthviraj Tivaskar, Bhushan N. Lakhkar, Rajasbala P. Dhande, & Gaurav V. Mishra. (2021). Role of TE in MR Spectroscopy for the Evaluation of Brain Tumour with Reference to Choline and Creatinine. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 980-985.