Suicide Bombing in a Money Lending Shop – A Rare NonTerrorist Explosion Scene Report


  • T. Nataraja Moorthy
  • Baskaran, M



Crime scene, suicide bomber, non-terrorist, low power explosive


Suicide is an intentional actof a person causing one’s own death. Suicide bombing is the choice of an
individual or organization member to embrace death for achievement. Suicide bombers are mostly from
terrorist organization. It is a crime scene report wherein a normal citizen, a lorry driver in India triggered
suicidal bombing in a money lending shop. Suicidal death with explosive by normal citizens is rare. The
author, then Government forensic crime scene investigator had investigated the suicidal bombing scene
wherein a lorry driver aged about 42 years committed suicide bombing in a money lending shop. It was
not a terrorist attack,from any terrorist organization. The author examined the blasting site and identified
the type of explosive used in this act. After the bombing, the bomber survived for a while and subsequently
collapsed within a shop, a rental house.The dead body found on the floor, within the shop with injuries on
abdomen with exposed viscera. The body was intact, nor blown to pieces as appeared in terrorist suicide
attack. An improvised devise found attached in abdomen region and the chemical substance used was low
power explosives, never used by the terrorists for the suicide attack.The author concluded with a finding that
the local lorry driver had committed suicide bombing under stress, because of his inability to pay the lorry
loan instalments for many months. It was an act of psychological stress rather than terrorist attack since the
moneylender was safe, even in his close range of the bomber

Author Biographies

T. Nataraja Moorthy

Professor of Forensic Sciences, Department of Diagnostic and Allied Health Science, Faculty of Health and Life
Sciences, Management and Science University, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. Formerly Government Forensic
Crime Scene Investigator (India)

Baskaran, M

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Madurai City Police Commissioner Office,
Tamilnadu, India



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T. Nataraja Moorthy, & Baskaran, M. (2021). Suicide Bombing in a Money Lending Shop – A Rare NonTerrorist Explosion Scene Report. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 1138-1141.