Iraqi Dentist Response to the Covid-19 Spreading


  • Marwah M. Adnan
  • Bassam Alsheekhly
  • Rehab Adil



COVID-19, infection control, Iraqi dentist, toxicity; patients


Introduction: These new generations of virus “COVID -19” now are not the chines nightmare only however
soon as speedy as feasible spread all over the world and grew to be the most existence threating health
disorder in the world.
Aim: This descriptive research aim to measure the commitment of Iraqi dentists to the Iraqi dental association
recommendations at the time of lockdowns during the corona virus infection.
Result: In this study the Iraqi dentists who had participated in it were 169 from all over the country, this
descriptive research shows great response of the Iraqi dentists to control infection and reduce the spread of
Discussion: “COVID -19” is a pandemic disease lead to large changes all over the world, actually dentistry
were one of the careers affected by this disease, the dentist during the daily work with dental slow speed
handpiece or high speed turbine produce droplets and aerosols which probably are contaminated with the
virus “COVID -19”.
Conclusion: This study had been showed that the Iraqi dentists have a great commitment toward the society
during the period of curfew they had been attend to close their privets clinic in order to reduce the viral
spread and control the infection.

Author Biographies

Marwah M. Adnan

Assist. Lecturer

Bassam Alsheekhly

Lecturer/ College of dentistry - Aliraqia University /Iraq

Rehab Adil

Lecturer/ College of dentistry - Aliraqia University /Iraq



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Marwah M. Adnan, Bassam Alsheekhly, & Rehab Adil. (2021). Iraqi Dentist Response to the Covid-19 Spreading. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 1293-1298.