Study the Prevalence and Symptoms of COVID-19 Patients in Kirkuk City


  • Muayad Khalaf Ibrahim
  • Farmesk Ibrahim Ridha
  • Ali Muhye Aldeen Rasheed



Covid-19; Asymptomatic; PCR; Kirkuk; Severe.


The study was conducted in the city of Kirkuk in July 2020 and included 100 people who visited hospitals
and health sectors in the city of Kirkuk, which is located in northern Iraq. As the study included ages that
ranged between 12 and 72 years and from both sexes, the study also included 100 people who did not suffer
from any symptoms or signs related to the Covid-19 virus. As the people who were included in the study
are from the people who reviewed, like what we said in hospitals and sectors, and they were suffering from
high temperatures, cough or both, fatigue and fatigue, and those who had direct contact with infected people
were taken from them and from a group of nasopharyngeal swabs for detection of Covid-19 virus by PCR.
The PCR tests were done by the PCR in the Public Health Laboratory and the Kirkuk General Hospital,
and special thanks to the staff. These checks were made for patients by protocols by the Iraqi Ministry
of Health and the World Health Organization to investigate the RNA of the virus. The study showed the
prevalence of Covid-19 was 66% in suspected patients and 10% in healthy persons. The study demonstrated
that, majority of patients with novel corona virus infection were from urban area. The study showed that,
majority of patients were aged from 22 to 41 years of old (P. value <0.001). The study showed that 63.64%
of COVID-19 patients were males compared with 36.36% females (P<0.05). The study showed that 51.52%
of COVID-19 patients were smokers (P>0.05). The study demonstrated that, 45.45% of COVID-19
positive patients were with mild infection, 18.18% were with asymptomatic features, 16.67%
were with moderate infection and 4.55% were with severe infection while 80% of healthy person
who was +ve to Covid-19 were with asymptomatic infection

Author Biographies

Muayad Khalaf Ibrahim

M. B. Ch. B., Lecturer in Internal Medicine, College of Medicine, Kirkuk University, Iraq

Farmesk Ibrahim Ridha

M. SC. Molecular
Biology, Kirkuk, Iraq

Ali Muhye Aldeen Rasheed

M. B. Ch. B., FICMS, Lecturer in Ophthalmogy, College of Medicine, Kirkuk University,



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Muayad Khalaf Ibrahim, Farmesk Ibrahim Ridha, & Ali Muhye Aldeen Rasheed. (2021). Study the Prevalence and Symptoms of COVID-19 Patients in Kirkuk City. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 1408-1414.