Awareness of Primary Schools Teachers towards Mumps in Basrah city


  • Adil Ali Hussein
  • Sounds Baqer Dawood
  • Hussein Fakher Kamel



Assessment; Knowledge; Primary School Science Teacher; mumps.


Objectives: Assessment of primary schools teachers’ Awareness towards mumps in Basra city
Methods: A descriptive study was conducted at (9) primary school at Al-Seraghi sectors in BASRA City,
from January 14th 2020 to March 12th 2020. A probability stratified random sample of (100) teachers who
teach science subject was selected, and had at employment in the teaching field. A questionnaire format
was used which was consisted of (2) parts. The overall number of the items included in the questionnaire
were (57) items. The first part was related to the demographic data of the teachers, the second part (five
sections) was concerned with teachers’ knowledge about health promotion. Data were analyzed through the
application of descriptive statistical analysis which included; frequency and percentage, and the application
of inferential statistical analysis which included; mean of score, and Chi-square test.
Results: The study revealed that teachers have acquired good level of knowledge about mumps disease ,
medium about method ,symptoms, and control diseases was poor knowledge
Conclusions: the relationship between teachers’ knowledge and their demographic characteristics, data
analysis has showed that there is significant association between teachers’ knowledge mumps except of
years experiences.
Recommendations: The study recommends that there is a need for -oriented education program which
can be designed, constructed and presented to primary school teachers with great emphasis on all aspects
of steps mumps diseases . Furthermore, teacher can be nominated and encouraged to actively participate in
education training sessions. Also, the importance of a collaborative work which can be initiated between the
health Directorate of Education health promotion and the Directorate of primary teaching to create facilities
for the implementation of health promotion oriented education program.

Author Biographies

Adil Ali Hussein

Lecturer. Ph.D., College of Nursing, University of Basrah

Sounds Baqer Dawood

Lecturer. Ph.D., College of Nursing, University of

Hussein Fakher Kamel

Assistant Lecturer, College of Nursing, University of Basrah



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Adil Ali Hussein, Sounds Baqer Dawood, & Hussein Fakher Kamel. (2021). Awareness of Primary Schools Teachers towards Mumps in Basrah city. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 1445-1449.