The Level of Nesfatin -1, Calcium and Vitamin D in Women with Gestational Diabetes Versus Control


  • Hanan M Chiad
  • Shatha M. J.AL-Khateeb
  • Israa Hamid



Gestational diabetes, nesfatin-1, vitamin D (25(OH )D) , calcium.


Objective:This study was designed to investigate serum level nesfatin-1 and determine the association of
nesfatin-1, calcium level and 25-hydroxy vitamin D (25(OH )D) level in women with gestational diabetes
mellitus (GDM) versus controls
Methods: A88 pregnant women at 24-28 weeks gestation were included in this study .Forty four women
diagnosed with gestational diabetes and 44 women without gestational diabetes both groups were matched
in age and body mass index . Then we classify each group depended on 25(OH) D status (sufficient,
insufficient and deficient). nesfatin-1 and vitamin D levels were analyzed using ELISA (enzyme link
immunosorbent assay) a cut off value for serum calcium were assessed using colorimetric method, cut
off value were used according to manufacture instruction and the a comparison was done between above
parameters. Furthermore, insufficient and deficient 25(OH)D gestational diabetes group had significantly
higher fasting blood sugar compared to matched control group .
Conclusion: Nesfatin-1 levels, 25(OH)D and calcium were not differ between the two groups statistically.

Author Biographies

Hanan M Chiad

Bachelor of Science, B.Sc., Central Public Health Laboratory /Ministry of Health

Shatha M. J.AL-Khateeb

Assist.Prof., Department of
Chemistry and Clinical Biochemistry/College of Medicine/AL-Mustansiriyah University

Israa Hamid

Prof. Dr., Department of
Obstetrics and Gynecology./ College of Medicine/AL-Mustansiriyah University



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Hanan M Chiad, Shatha M. J.AL-Khateeb, & Israa Hamid. (2021). The Level of Nesfatin -1, Calcium and Vitamin D in Women with Gestational Diabetes Versus Control. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 1457-1463.