International Responsibility for Hiding (COVID-19) Spread Information


  • Muhammad Jabbar Al-Abdali
  • Amer Abdul Hussein Abbas
  • Hussein Waheed Abbod ALisawy



COVID-19, Spread Information, International Responsibility


In accordance with the rules of international law, countries that preceded others in exposure to the
(COVID-19) have an obligation to inform other countries and the World Health Organization of the outbreak
of the said virus as well as to exchange information on laboratory results, source and type of potential risk,
number of cases and deaths, the rapid spread of the virus and its medium of spreading between people or
through means of transportation such as airplanes, ships, etc., or through goods shipped from them and ways
to limit its spread. Then, countries that have suffered damage as a result of infection with the aforementioned
virus can claim the necessary compensation towards other countries that have breached their obligations
to exchange information on the spread of the virus on their territories in accordance with the principle of
international responsibility. Such compensations are to be determined through international arbitration or
justice or through consulting international and regional organizations or through referring to other peaceful
means that are agreed upon in accordance with Article 33 of the Charter of the United Nations.

Author Biographies

Muhammad Jabbar Al-Abdali

Lecturer Dr., Republic of Iraq/University of Kufa-Faculty of law

Amer Abdul Hussein Abbas

Lecturer., Republic of Iraq/University of KufaFaculty of law,

Hussein Waheed Abbod ALisawy

Bachelor , Republic of Iraq / Najaf



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Muhammad Jabbar Al-Abdali, Amer Abdul Hussein Abbas, & Hussein Waheed Abbod ALisawy. (2021). International Responsibility for Hiding (COVID-19) Spread Information. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 1528-1532.