Health Personnel Practices Regarding Waste Management in the Delivery Room at the Middle Euphrates Teaching Hospitals


  • Zanab Neamat Jumaah
  • Muntahaa Abdullah Rashaan



waste management, Health care personnel, Practices.


Literatures proved that waste management is the most important and effective infection prevention and
control measure to prevent the spread of microorganisms causing HAIs is considering a vital intervention to
promote optimum patient safety in delivery room. Aim of the study; This study conducted to assess waste
management practices of health care personnel in the delivery room at the middle Euphrates teaching
hospitals. Methods; A Descriptive research design begin in 20th February to 26th May 2016, Current study
sample involve all midwives and physicians in the delivery room (Total coverage.). Questionnaire used
for data collection by interview forms and observational checklist was obtain from the extensive review of
relevant literature and related studies Data analyzed through utilize (SPSS) software version (16) where,
included descriptive analysis and inferential data analysis. The study conducted among 37 physicians and
97 midwives working in the delivery room are females.
Results: The current study indicate that good overall evaluation for the health staff practices concerning
waste management at Karbala while fair overall evaluation at Babylon, Diwaniah and Al-Najaf with highly
significant in health staff practices regarding waste management and the different studied governorates
at p-value less than 0.01. Conclusion: based on the finding of present study majority of health care
personnel have fair applies related to waste management practices at different studied governorate hospitals.
Recommendations: Updating practice of health care personnel through continuing in-service educational
programs. Regular inspection and follow-up from the ministry of health for assurances good waste
management, the important of exist motivation system and punishment system to the neglected health care

Author Biographies

Zanab Neamat Jumaah

Assistant lecturer, Faculty of Nursing, University of Kufa, Iraq

Muntahaa Abdullah Rashaan

Assistant lecturer, Faculty of Nursing, AL-ameed
University, Iraq



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Zanab Neamat Jumaah, & Muntahaa Abdullah Rashaan. (2021). Health Personnel Practices Regarding Waste Management in the Delivery Room at the Middle Euphrates Teaching Hospitals . Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 1556-1564.