In Vivo Treatment of Giardia lamblia by Plantago lanceolata L. extract and Investigation some Serological Parameters and Histopathological Changes


  • Ashraf Jamal Mahmoud Zangana



Giardia lamblia, Plantago lanceolata, histopathology, biochemistry tests.


Giardia lamblia samples were taken from patients at Salah al-Din General Hospital /Tikrit, suffering from
Giardiasis from October 2018 until March 2019. cysts of G. lamblia was isolated and infected in laboratory
mices Balb/c and then therapeutic attempt was made with water extract of Plantago lanceolata in three
different concentrations .and some biochemical parameters have been studied through rate of changes in
Cholesterol, Triglycerids, Total protein and some of liver enzymes (AST) Alanine transaminase, (ALT)
Aspartate transaminase, and response of infected mice for treatment with water extracts.
A significant decrease was observed in concentration of lipids in general. The decrease was significant in
concentration of Cholesterol and Triglycerides and total protein in laboratory mice. The lowest concentration
was achieved when using extract with 0.5 ml, 121, 31, and 4.311 mg/dl Respectively, The highst concentration
when using extract was with 2 ml, 180, 36, and 5.220 mg/dl Respectively, compared to control group 184,
37 and 5.040 mg/dl Respectively, Significant changes were also observed.
As for concentration of both AST/ ALT, the results showed significant changes in their concentration in
infected mice. level of decrease was significant in their concentration. The lowest concentration of AST was
at 0.5 mL, 18 IU/L, and ALT 15 IU/L at 0.5 mL of extract, The highest concentration of AST was at 2 mL, 30
IU/L, and ALT 29 IU/L at 2 mL of extract compared to control group of 28 IU/L. Significant changes were
observed in concentration of AST and ALT after treatment with therapeutic extract Above.
The microscopic examination of tissue sections of infected mice showed presence of a detachment of some
lining cells of colon. presence of leukocyte infiltration at base of mucous glands was also observed. This
infiltration was extended to smooth muscle layer forming colon wall. colon cavity consisted of large masses
of mucus. In liver, there was an enlargement of hepatic cells and presence of degeneration of nuclei of these
cells, and found small concentrations of inflammatory cells between hepatocytes, some central veins in liver,
and observed lymphocytic infiltration.

Author Biography

Ashraf Jamal Mahmoud Zangana

Asst. Prof. Department of Biology, College of Education for Women Tikrit Univ./Iraq



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