Using of Procalcitonin Level in Differentiation between Bacterial Vaginitis Due to Pathogenic Bacteria and Normal Flora


  • Eman Ghadhban Salih
  • Mohammed Ismael Dawood
  • Nihad Khalawe Tektook



Procalcitonin; PCT; Pregnancy; Vaginitis; HVS


This study conducted to view the role of PCT level in initial finding of bacterial vaginitis in pregnant
women. A total of 150 deep vaginal swabs (100 pregnant women and 50 pregnant women as control
group) were collected from the beginning of February 2019 to the end of May 2019 from inpatients and
outpatients women attended to Al-Fallujah teaching hospital. Media were organized & purified according to
producer’s guidance. The ready media were utilized for segregation , definition of the viable enumeration
, identifying & sensibility workout these media were achieved in the wake of being solidified. Swabs was
inoculated bacteriological agars for isolation of causative bacterial types . Blood samples collected by vein
puncture for determination of PCT by using ELISA technique. The study showed that that 57% of pregnant
women have vaginal swab for culture as compared with 48 of the control group (non- pregnant women). The
results demonstrated that, 54.39% of pathogenic bacteria isolated from vagina of pregnant women was G-ve
bacteria and 45.61% was G+ve bacteria. S. aureus represented the highest rate of pathogenic isolates 45.61%
in cases (43.86%) while 29.17 of the control group were infected equally by E coli and K. pneumonia.The
highest rate of antibiotic sensitivity toward S. aureus isolates was occurred in levofloxacin (88.46%) while
it was completely resistant to ampicillin and lincomycin, 94.11% of E. coli isolates was sensitive to each of
levofloxacin and cefotaxime and 100% resistant to lincomycin, 92.85% of Klebsiella isolates was sensitive to
amoxicalve while it was 100% resistant to ampicillin, erythromycin and lincomycin. Procalcitonin level was
highly elevated among pregnant ones followed by healthy ones (26.79±9.4 v.s 9.236±0.6 pg/ml) at P value
<0.01. The highest mean of Procalcitoninlevel is found among pregnant women with pathogenic bacteria
isolates of HVS culture (30.15±9.84 pg/ml) and the lowest mean is recorded among pregnant women with
normal flora isolates (23.72±7.25 pg/ml).Conclusions: Serum PCT was highly elevated in pregnant women
with vaginitis especially who diagnosed with pathogenic bacteria.

Author Biographies

Eman Ghadhban Salih

Lecturer, M.B.Ch. B., C.A.B.S., Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology/ Medical College, University of
Al Fallujah/Iraq

Mohammed Ismael Dawood

Lecturer, M.B.Ch. B, CABMS / Department of Medicine / Medical College University of Al

Nihad Khalawe Tektook

Assist prof. Middle Technical University / College of Medical &Health Technology, Medical laboratory
Techniques Dep. Iraq



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Eman Ghadhban Salih, Mohammed Ismael Dawood, & Nihad Khalawe Tektook. (2021). Using of Procalcitonin Level in Differentiation between Bacterial Vaginitis Due to Pathogenic Bacteria and Normal Flora. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 1752-1758.