Prevalence and Incidence of Dermatophytosis in Al-Diwaniya City, Iraq


  • Abeer Mohammed Ali Al-garawyi
  • Adnan H. Al-Hamadani
  • Adnan waheed AL- Bederi



Dermatophytosis, Tinea unguium, T. rubrum, KOH .


The present study carried out in Al-Diwaniya city, 71clinical specimens were taken from the patients with
dermatophytosis. The age of patients were between (1-50) years, real positive cultural examinations were
49(69%), whereas negative cultural examinations were 22 (31 %) . The occurrence of dermatophyte fungi
were higher in females than males, depending on the gender, as for the age groups, the infection was higher
in the age group 31-40 and 41-50 years followed by the age group ? 11 years, whereas the lowest infection
was among the age group 21-30 and 12-20 years. Also, the result of this study showed that 37(52.11%)
patients were housewives, 20 (28.16%) students, 7(9.85%) office employees, 7(9.85%) hospital workers.
Out of 49 patients 25(51.0 %) cases were Tinea pedis, followed by Tinea cruris15(30.6%), Tinea capitis
5(10.2%), and 4(8.2%) Tinea unguium. The result of this study also showed that 31(63.3%) isolates were
T. rubrum, 11( 22.4%) T. mentagrophytes , E. floccosum and M. canis isolates were found 2(4.1%) and
5(10.2%) respectively

Author Biographies

Abeer Mohammed Ali Al-garawyi

Post graduate/ Biology Department, Education for Pure Science College, Al-Muthanna University, Iraq

Adnan H. Al-Hamadani

Prof. Dr. Department Microbiology/ College of Medicine / Al-Qadisiyah University /Iraq

Adnan waheed AL- Bederi

Prof. Dr. Department Anatomy/ College of Medicine / Al-Qadisiyah University /Iraq



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Abeer Mohammed Ali Al-garawyi, Adnan H. Al-Hamadani, & Adnan waheed AL- Bederi. (2021). Prevalence and Incidence of Dermatophytosis in Al-Diwaniya City, Iraq. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 1813-1817.