The Association between Teeth Loss and Oral Health Problems


  • Aesa Alzaroug Jaber
  • Alshame M.J.Alshame
  • Khaled Owidat Abdalla
  • Prabhu Manickam Natarajan



Tooth loss, consequences of tooth loss, causes of tooth loss.


Background: The teeth play various functional roles, from the most basic functions to more subtle functions.
One of the most tragic events that can happen to the teeth are loss it, as a result trauma or dental diseases.
Tooth loss has esthetic, functional, positional and psychological impacts on the life of individuals.
Objectives: To investigate the association between tooth loss and oral health problems among partially
and completely edentulous patients. Method: (Questionnaire and Clinical Examination). Self-administered
questionnaire was distributed to the patients to collect information relating to demography and cause of
tooth loss, in addition to mastication and speech state after tooth loss. Four clinical conditions including
supra-eruption, drifting teeth, temporomandibular disorders and bone resorption were used to recognize the
effects of missing teeth. Patients seeking dental treatment at General Hospital, Morzuk, Libya were recruited
for the study. Criteria included age of 16 years and above with one or more missing teeth except for third
molars. Results: altogether 58 participants, 31 (53.4 %) were males while 27 (46.6%) were females. The
participants were aged 16–>45 years, among them, 44 patients (75.9%) are partially edentulous, and 14
patients (24.1%) were completely edentulous. The patients with complete teeth loss and the patients with
missing both the anterior and posterior teeth are most groups suffer problems among patients who involved
in the study. patients who loss posterior teeth are the lowest group had, suffer of health problems due to loss
of teeth among all of them.
The general relationship between tooth loss and the oral health problems was positive and strong. Conclusions:
there are statistically significant relationship between tooth loss and oral health problems, where the strong
value of this relationship (0.614) and significance within less than (0.05).

Author Biographies

Aesa Alzaroug Jaber

Assistant Professor in Oral surgery, University of Science and Technology of Fujairah

Alshame M.J.Alshame

Assistant Professor
Department of Oral surgery, Sebha University, Libya

Khaled Owidat Abdalla

Assistant Professor, Departments of Orthodontic, Sebha
University, Libya

Prabhu Manickam Natarajan

Associate Professor in Periodontics, University of Science and Technology of Fujairah. UAE



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Aesa Alzaroug Jaber, Alshame M.J.Alshame, Khaled Owidat Abdalla, & Prabhu Manickam Natarajan. (2021). The Association between Teeth Loss and Oral Health Problems . Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 1850-1860.