Forensic Examination of Torture and other Forms of ill-Treatment


  • Ahmad AL Taharwah
  • Hamzeh Abu Issa



Forensic Examination, Torture, ill-Treatment, Justice.


Forensic documentation is crucial for documenting torture, and is generally treated as a central component
of any effort to prosecute torture. As a result, it is central to ending the impunity for torture which is key to
its perpetuation. Forensic evidences have been the centerpiece of the judgment by the court of cassation.
This shows the important of the quality, independence and impartiality of the forensic examination for any
strategy for the prevention of torture in Jordan.

Author Biographies

Ahmad AL Taharwah

Faculty of Law/ Mutah University/ Jordan

Hamzeh Abu Issa

Dean of Faculty of Law/ Applied Science Private University/ Jordan



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Ahmad AL Taharwah, & Hamzeh Abu Issa. (2021). Forensic Examination of Torture and other Forms of ill-Treatment. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 1868-1872.