New Insight in the Using of Core Needle Biopsy As First Line in Preoperative Diagnosis of Thyroid Nodule


  • Eaman Suud Khalifa
  • Ayser Hameed Latif



core needle biopsy, pathological diagnosis, thyroid nodule


Background: The diagnosis of thyroid nodule by core needle biopsy is different from post resection samples
because of difficulties in applying histological criteria for both samples due to limitation in core needle
biopsy sample .
Objective: To assess the utility of core needle biopsy in diagnosis of thyroid nodule.
Material and Method: We use core needle biopsy as first line method instead of fine needle aspiration
and to reach final diagnosis after resection sample . Core needle biopsy results were divided to six groups)
unsatisfactory, benign, indeterminate, follicular neoplasm, suspicious for malignancy and malignant)
according to The Bethesda system for reporting thyroid cytopathology (1,2,3) .
Result : A total of 45 thyroid nodules taken from 45 patients (30 female and 15 male) . Malignant changes
were seen in 19 nodules after surgery and 26 after core needle biopsy. Benign nodules were diagnosed in 11
cases after surgery and in 12 cases after core needle biopsy . Final diagnoses were concluded for 34 nodules
(76%). Twenty one nodules were diagnosed as malignant nodules and 13 nodules were diagnosed as benign
nodules .
Conclusions: Core needle biopsy is reliable and valuable tool for the diagnosis of thyroid nodule and can
been used as an alternative to fine needle aspirate especially in patients with inconclusive results .

Author Biographies

  • Eaman Suud Khalifa


  • Ayser Hameed Latif

    Assistant Professor/Pathology Department/ College of Medicine/ Mustansiriyah University




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