Genetic Profiling of CYP19 Gene Haplotype in Holstein Bulls


  • Hassan Nima Habib
  • Khalaf A.H.Al-Rishdy
  • Murthda F.AL-Hellou



CYP19 gene, haplotypes, Holstein bulls, phylogenetic tree, protein structure


The CYP19 gene is a protein-coding gene that stimulates the transmutation of androgens to estrogens,
aromatase activity is related to haplotypes of the CYP19 gene, therefore this study aimed to detect haplotypes
of the CYP19 gene in the Holstein bulls. This study, conducted from October 2018 to June 2019. Forty-two
Bulls, aged between 4-6 years old were used, which belonged to local farmers in Basra city, south of Iraq.
The DNA was extracted from semen, PCR amplification was carried out to acquire the DNA sequence. The
sequences were analyzed by using some Bioinformatics tools. The results showed four haplotypes in the
CYP19 gene as a result of silent and missense mutations in comparison with the same gene in GenBank, all
the haplotypes are recorded in GenBank, DDBJ and EMBL. These findings call for further studies to reveal
the relationship of CYP19 gene haplotypes and semen characteristics to uncover bulls’ fertility

Author Biographies

Hassan Nima Habib


Khalaf A.H.Al-Rishdy

Asst. Prof., Basrah University, College of Agriculture, Animal Production Department

Murthda F.AL-Hellou

Prof. Basrah University, College of Education/Qurna, Department of Biology



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Hassan Nima Habib, Khalaf A.H.Al-Rishdy, & Murthda F.AL-Hellou. (2021). Genetic Profiling of CYP19 Gene Haplotype in Holstein Bulls. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 2473-2479.