Awareness about Management of Pain and Anxiety during Dental Treatments among Dental Students


  • Gayathri. P. S
  • Krithika.C
  • Arun Kumar T.M
  • Selvarathi K
  • Christy Jospeh Samuel. K
  • Manju.J



Dental Anxiety, Dental Education, Local Anaesthesia, Pain Management, Sedation.


Introduction: Humans are more likely to feel contented with a familiar experience however discomfort
with a novel one. The issues of pain, anxiety and fear are always a major part of dentistry. Dental anxiety
will result in avoidance of dental care. The initial interaction between the dentist and the patient can reveal
the presence of dental anxiety. Aim: This study was aimed assess the awareness about the management of
pain and anxiety during dental treatment among dental students. Methodology: A cross sectional study
was conducted using self-administrated questionnaire, through Google forms using various social media
platforms such as whatsapp, facebook among 200 dental students from third year to final year in Tamil
Nadu, India during COVID-19 pandemic lockdown period. Statistics was done and tabulated. Results:
It was observed that 80% participants feel interrelation between dental anxiety and pain and 89% believe
office environment and dental staff affects patient mind-set. 65.5% considers pharmacological route of pain
management as effective strategy with 48.5% preferring conscious sedation and 36.5% accepts sedation can
eliminate the use of local anesthesia. Conclusion: From the present study we would like to conclude that
most of the dental students were aware about pain and anxiety management during dental treatments however
further educational improvement regarding pain and anxiety in emergency conditions, especially concerning
the assessment methods and continuity in the control of pain might result in better patient satisfaction.

Author Biographies

Gayathri. P. S



Professor and Head

Arun Kumar T.M


Selvarathi K


Christy Jospeh Samuel. K



Senior Lecturer, Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology,Thai
Moogambigai Dental College and Hospital, Dr. M. G. R. Educational and Research Institute, Chennai



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Gayathri. P. S, Krithika.C, Arun Kumar T.M, Selvarathi K, Christy Jospeh Samuel. K, & Manju.J. (2021). Awareness about Management of Pain and Anxiety during Dental Treatments among Dental Students. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 2502-2508.