Detection for Candida spp in Periodontitis Chronic


  • Jinan Abd-Alhussein Mussa
  • Sameerah Kadhuim Hameed



candida spp, candida albicans, cryptococus, periodontitis Chronic, yeasts Candida spp ,pockets sinuses.


The study aimed to isolate and diagnose some types of Candida yeasts Candida Spp Associated with
periodontal infection extracted from deeply periodontal sinuses 3- 5mm The study focused on genderCandida
albicans. Collection T. 120A clinical sample of patients with chronic periodontitis The patients Who return
to the Center Martyr Nasser Amoososa Dental Specialist and outpatient clinics in the province of Najaf
for the period from December 2019 To March 2020 The results showed that 44 Sample out of 120 It was
a container of yeasts and a proportion 36.6 Three types of yeasts have been identified Candida Spp and
Candida albicans It was the most frequent and prevalent over the remaining types of isolated yeasts, as
they were 40 isolation And rate 91% And two isolates forCandida dubliniensis in the rate of 4.5% And
one isolation for each Candida ciferriiAnd type Cryptococcus laurenti And the ratio of isolation2.25 % As
they were diagnosed by a system VITEK2. Isolates were diagnosed Candida albicans On the differential
mean Chromo genic agar And genetic diagnosis by polymerase chain reaction PCR The amplification size
were shown( 354) bp Base pair

Author Biographies

Jinan Abd-Alhussein Mussa

Part of Thesis, M.Sc-Student, Department of Biology, Faculty of Education for Girls, Kufa Univ., Iraq

Sameerah Kadhuim Hameed

Assist. Professor, Biology Department, Faculty of Education for Girls, Kufa Univ., Iraq.



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Jinan Abd-Alhussein Mussa, & Sameerah Kadhuim Hameed. (2021). Detection for Candida spp in Periodontitis Chronic. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 2629-2635.