Successful Conservative Management of Premature Rupture Membranes of Twin Pregnancy with one Fetus Papyraceus


  • Ketut Edy Sudiarta



twin pregnancy, fetus papyraceus, premature rupture membranes.


Fetus papyraceus is a rare obstetrics complication and is characterized by the death of one or more fetuses in
the early gestation period, and the other fetus continues to develop. This report describes a twin pregnancy
with one fetus papyraceus and both undergone premature membrane rupture. We reported a 25-year-old
woman unbooking patient admitted to the Pusura hospital with a complaint of amniotic fluid leaking from
the vagina after a traffic accident. The patient is a woman with a history of G2P1A0 at 22-week gestation
with twin pregnancies (monochorionic diamniotic twin pregnancy). There was one live fetus with cephalic
presentation and the other one was papyraceus. Conservative management with a corticosteroid regimen
to complete the lung maturation was done. At 32-week gestation, the patient was admitted back with
spontaneous rupture membranes and the live fetus was seen in lie presentation. She underwent a caesarian
section and a premature life female baby was delivered with 1800g of weigh, APGAR score of 7 at 1 minute
and 8 at 5 minutes. The fetus papyraceus was weighed 100g. Both the mother and the baby were discharged
home in good condition. Fetus papyraceus is a rare condition that describes intrauterine fetal demise in early
pregnancies. It can occur in both single or multiple gestation pregnancies. This case report reported case is a
premature rupture of the membranes caused by a traffic accident. A life baby weighing 1800g was delivered
and 100g of weigh of fetus papyraceus in a caesarian section. This case is a diamniotic – monochorionic
placenta. Finally, the healthy baby was discharged 18 days after delivery.

Author Biography

Ketut Edy Sudiarta

Main Researcher, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty of Medicine, Hang Tuah University,
Surabaya, Indonesia.



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Ketut Edy Sudiarta. (2021). Successful Conservative Management of Premature Rupture Membranes of Twin Pregnancy with one Fetus Papyraceus. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 2668-2672.