Estimation of Time Since Death Using Vitreous Humour Potassium Values


  • M.N.Rajamani Bheem Rao
  • R.Ravishankar



Time since death, Vitreous Humour, Potassium levels, Vitreous sodium and chloride.


The death erases all doubts from the dead’s mind but inscribes new doubts in the living mind. The study of
time since death gives the final turn in the crime to find the cause and time of death. The present study was
conducted in Department of Forensic Medicine, Madras Medical College, Chennai during February 2006
to July 2006 to find out the time since death by analysing the potassium levels of vitreous humour after
death. Total 75 cases were studied which is broadly classified into: Hospital cases and Non- Hospital cases
irrespective of age, gender, religion, caste etc., who has died. All the data related to Non-Hospital cases were
analysed to record the effect of nature and pattern of rise of vitreous humour in the deaths, whose detailed
autopsy examination were also recorded subsequently for statistical analysis. From this study, it is concluded
that the vitreous sodium and chloride was found to be totally unaffected and stable for 97 hours after death,
irrespective of sex, age, environmental temperature, nature of death and cause of death.

Author Biographies

M.N.Rajamani Bheem Rao

Associate Professor, Department of Forensic Medicine, Stanley Medical College, Chennai


Associate Professor, Department of Forensic Medicine, Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai



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M.N.Rajamani Bheem Rao, & R.Ravishankar. (2021). Estimation of Time Since Death Using Vitreous Humour Potassium Values. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 2751-2757.