Ending Human Trafficking in India- A Much- Awaited Goal


  • Madhubrata Mohanty




Constitution, Crime, Human Trafficking, India


Discussion on the issue of human trafficking in 21st century is definitely quite shameful as the entire world
is transformed into a small place due to globalization. Not only in India, but in almost all the countries of
the world, this worst form of crime is still existing in some form or other. Through this paper the author has
attempted to analyze the reasons for prevalence of this crime in India even after having concerted efforts
by the successive governments to completely eradicate the evil through statutory enactments. Being the
second largest populous country of the world and having been invaded by a number of foreign invaders, the
country always suffered in its socio-economic growth. The demographic feature of the country is certainly
another disadvantage that makes it quite difficult for the governmental schemes to reach the poor people
living in the rear ends of the country. Another reason affecting the economy is the refugees coming into the
country through its porous borders and making it their permanent shelter and expecting their shares from the
limited resources available for the countrymen. It is, in fact, a matter of grave concern that even after having
several enactments to deal with human trafficking, still the country is witnessing its prevalence in a larger
scale. Prior to the enactment of the Indian Constitution, the Constitution makers too took it very seriously
for which traffic in human beings or any forms of forced labour were inserted to be prohibited under Article
23. The judiciary has also taken stringent views to eradicate the crime of human trafficking through strict
interpretation of the legislative provisions. But unfortunately it is not being eradicated till today, for which it
becomes imperative for all to introspect the entire system responsible for prevalence of such crime.

Author Biography

Madhubrata Mohanty

Associate Professor, SOA National Institute of Law (SNIL), Siksha O Anusandhan University, Khandagiri Square,
Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India



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