Influence of Neck Pain on Pectoralis Minor Muscle Length among Young Adults


  • Mariyam Farzana S, F
  • Vanishree.V
  • Vadivambal.G



Neck pain, pectoralis minor, tightness, prolonged sittting, young adults


Background : Students are prone for posture and works related to neck pain due to their desk jobs. It leads
to postural abnormality and muscle imbalance. Neck pain leads to alteration in the length of the pectoralis
minor muscle length. Checking pectoralis minor muscle length helps in clinical discussion making in
patients with neck pain. Objective: To find out the prevalance of pectoralis minor muscle tightness among
students having neck pain. Methodology: A convenient sample of 100 participants were categorized
into symptomatic and asymptomatic group. Neck pain was assessed by NORTHWICK PARK neck pain
questionnaire. Results: Neck pain has positive correlation with pectoralis minor muscle tightness in both
right(r=0.887) and left(r=0.828) side.The pectoralis minor muscle tightness is more in symptomatic group
than in asymptomatic group (p=0.00). Result& Conclusion: The study confirms that neck pain has influence
on pectoralis minor muscle length

Author Biographies

Mariyam Farzana S, F

Asssistant Professor




BPT III Year, SRM College Of Physiotherapy ,Srm Institute Of Science And
Technlogy, Kattankulathur



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Mariyam Farzana S, F, Vanishree.V, & Vadivambal.G. (2021). Influence of Neck Pain on Pectoralis Minor Muscle Length among Young Adults. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 2820-2827.