Effect of Iron Deficiency Anemia on HbA1c Levels in Patients of Diabetes Mellitus with Controlled Plasma Glucose Levels


  • Smita N. Vasava
  • Roshni Sadaria
  • Tejas Shah




Iron deficiency anemia, Hemoglobin A1C, Diabetes Mellitus


Background: Hemoglobin A1C (HbA1c) is an indicator of patient’s glycemic status over the previous 3
months. HbA1C levels increase in presence of Iron deficiency anemia.
Aim: To analyze the effect of iron deficiency anemia on HbA1c levels in patients of diabetes mellitus with
controlled plasma glucose levels.
Material and Methods: In the present study, total 50 patient of diabetes mellitus with iron deficiency
anemia with controlled plasma glucose levels were taken as a cases and 50 iron-sufficient non-anemic
healthy individuals were taken as a controls. Medical history was taken from all participant and data of
HbA1c, ferritin, FBS, hemoglobin, peripheral smear examination, red cell indices were collected from
laboratory. Statistical analysis was carried out by student’s t-test, Chi-square test, and Pearson’s coefficient
of regression.
Results: HbA1C level (6.90 ± 0.81%) were increased in iron-deficient individuals as compared to controls.
In females, HbA1C (7.08 ± 0.78%) were more elevated than males. When classified on the basis of FBS,
HbA1C was elevated more in subjects having FBS between 100-126 mg/dl (7.31 ± 1.52%) compared to the
those with normal FBS (<100 mg/dl).
Conclusion: A positive correlation found between iron deficiency anemia and increased HbA1C levels,
especially in the controlled diabetic women and individuals having FBS between 100-126 mg/dl. Therefore,
presence of iron deficiency anemia should be checked before altering the treatment regimen of diabetes
mellitus patient.

Author Biographies

Smita N. Vasava

Assistant Professor

Roshni Sadaria

Associate Professor

Tejas Shah

Associate Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry, Smt. BK Shah Medical
Institute & Research Centre, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth Deemed to be University, Piparia, Vadodara, Gujarat, India



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Smita N. Vasava, Roshni Sadaria, & Tejas Shah. (2021). Effect of Iron Deficiency Anemia on HbA1c Levels in Patients of Diabetes Mellitus with Controlled Plasma Glucose Levels. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 3493-3498. https://doi.org/10.37506/ijfmt.v15i2.14916

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