Serum Heavy Metals Level and OS among e-ic Waste Exposed


  • Zainab Abood Sadoon
  • Sabah Hussein Enayah



Metals, OS, e-ic, Superoxide dismutase, Hypertension, Diabetic


The current study is performed in Thi-Qar Province which included a collection of whole blood samples
from e-ic repair workers. The survey questionnaire was used which is a standardized tool for this research
and provides for grouping and processing of data and used standardized research instruments such as
questionnaires and interviews of a larger group of subjects to get a clearer and richer examination of the data
necessary for further analysis. A total of 100 whole blood samples were taken with different ages ranged
from 16 years up to 56 years. Other study groups were 30 subjects from non-e-waste workers. Daily work
time approximately about 6-8 hours for 1 year up to 30 years. The results showed that the percentage of
diabetic patients among the e-waste population is only (6.5%) all of the diabetes cases were arise for workers
whose exposure exceeded 10 years. The heavy metals concentrations in the serum were measured by using
atomic absorption spectrophotometry and the levels of (Pb) were unexpected, the mean serum Pb levels
(24±54 ?g/L) of non-e-waste workers was near to that of e-waste workers (24.6±34 ?g/L) at (p? 0.05),
Cd results reported high concentrations in the serum workers of e-waste (35.4±53 ?g/l) compared with
workers as non-e-waste (9.3±17.2?g/l) at (p?0.05). The results of selenium showed an increase in serum Se
levels in both groups, (209.4±195.5 ????????/????) for the exposed workers compares with (178.2±29.5 ????????/????) for
unexposed workers. The other important aspect on which the study focused is the SOD1/catalase antioxidant
system. As the study showed a decrease in SOD1 (15.2±2.8????????/????????) in workers of e-waste proportion in
comparison to the comparison group (36.8±60????????/????????) at (p=? 0.05). Also, the catalase concentration was
lower in e-waste workers (23.9±8ng/ml) more than (28.8±6????????/????????) at (p? 0.05) in non-e-waste workers.

Author Biographies

Zainab Abood Sadoon

M.c.s Thi

Sabah Hussein Enayah

Asst. Prof., Qar university/ College of Sciences/ Chemistry Department



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Zainab Abood Sadoon, & Sabah Hussein Enayah. (2021). Serum Heavy Metals Level and OS among e-ic Waste Exposed . Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 3582-3587.