The Effect of Imbalanced Levels of Some Serum Biochemical Elements on Senile Cataract Formation


  • Zeina M. Alsabti
  • Marwan Talib Joudah
  • Wisam Talib Joudah
  • Omar Muayad Al-Naqeeb



Cataract, Electrolytes, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Chloride.


Background: Cataract is the clouding of lens which subsequently may impair vision. The main subtypes
of senile cataract are cortical, posterior sub-capsular and nuclear sclerosis. Electrolyte disturbance has been
linked with the development of age related cataract.
Aim of the Study: To assess the correlations between the levels of the blood biochemical elements (Ca++,
Na+, K+, Cl-
) and the formation of senile cataract.
Patients & Method: Blood samples of 35 patients of cataract and 35 of non-cataract/ healthy people have
been analyzed for calcium and electrolytes levels, all cases were female whose age ranged between (50
– 70 years). (5 mL) of blood was taken from the patients’ veins for the study. The serum was separated
of each sample by a centrifuge at (4000) rpm for (4 min) and used for the mentioned biochemical exams.
(FUJIFILM/ DRI-CHEM NX500i) biochemical analyzer was utilized in the study. The results were obtained
directly from the analyzer.
Results: In cataract patients group, there was a significant variations in calcium level (high, normal, and
low) as well as sodium level (low and normal) compared to the control. There was no significant differences
in the level of (K+ and Cl-
) between two groups.
Conclusion: In the current study, there was a significant differences in calcium and sodium level in cataract
patients group compared to the control. These variations might be one of many factors that contribute in the
formation of cataract.

Author Biographies

Zeina M. Alsabti

Assist Prof. Dr. University of Anbar/the Dean of Pharmacy College, Iraq

Marwan Talib Joudah

General Directorate of Education
in Anbar/ Gifted Guardianship Committee / Ministry of Education in Iraq

Wisam Talib Joudah

General Directorate of Education
in Anbar/ Ministry of Education in Iraq

Omar Muayad Al-Naqeeb

Physician, Department of Surgery / College of Medicine / Al-Iraqia



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Zeina M. Alsabti, Marwan Talib Joudah, Wisam Talib Joudah, & Omar Muayad Al-Naqeeb. (2021). The Effect of Imbalanced Levels of Some Serum Biochemical Elements on Senile Cataract Formation. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 3678-3683.