Recent Advances of Endodontic Retherapy- A Review


  • Pratyaee Basu
  • Sumit Dash
  • Siba Prasad Jena
  • Shashirekha Govind



Endodontic Retherapy; Recent Advances; Clinical Practices


Endodontic plays a major role in uplifting the quality of oral health. Retherapy offers the patient a subsequent
prospect to save a tooth that would otherwise be certain for extraction. The prime objective of retherapy is
to gain entry to the apical foramen by absolute confiscation of the root canal packing substance thus easing
sufficient disinfecting and shaping of the absolute root canal system and terminal obturation. It can be
concluded that with the emergence of modern instruments and techniques it is bygone just to extract teeth
solely due to periapical disease and endodontic failures. Advances in scientific proficiency and technical
ability have assisted us to improve the prognosis of treatment, but it does not always end up in the desired
healing response while doing clinical practice

Author Biographies

Pratyaee Basu

Post Graduate Trainee

Sumit Dash


Siba Prasad Jena

Senior Lecturer

Shashirekha Govind

Professor & Head ,Department of Conservative Dentistry
and Endodontics, Institute of Dental Science, Siksha O Anusandhan (Deemed to be University) Bhubaneswar



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Pratyaee Basu, Sumit Dash, Siba Prasad Jena, & Shashirekha Govind. (2021). Recent Advances of Endodontic Retherapy- A Review. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 3944-3948.

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