The Role of HMGB1and KIM-1 Repair Genes in the Progression of Kidney Failure Disease


  • Alyaa Abdulhadi Salih
  • Kareem Hamed Ghali



Renal Failure , repair , HMGB1, KIM-1, gene expression


Renal Failure(RF) is a leading clinical characteristic of patients in nephrology , it represents significant
concern and the main challenge for healthcare systems. The incidence rate of RF is rising globally , mainly
as a result of increased aging population. The current study , was performed to identify the effect of
HMGB1and KIM-1gene expression in renal failure disease focusing on it is role on the repair processes.
This study comprises 100 patients diagnosed clinicaly and seriologicaly with renal failure )52 males and 48
females ) their age vary from (17 to 80 years) and 30 healthy individuals as a control group( 18 males and
12 females ). RNA extracted from blood samples and converted to cDNA which subjected to real-time PCR
for detection gene expression .HMGB1 and KIM-1 have significantly overexpression (3.51 folds and 5.37
folds ) respectively in RF patients compared with healthy control subjects ( p <0.05). However , HMGB1
and KIM-1 gene folding elevated gradually with advance the severity of the RF disease.

Author Biographies

Alyaa Abdulhadi Salih


Kareem Hamed Ghali

Professor at University of Wasit, College of Science- Department of Biology



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Alyaa Abdulhadi Salih, & Kareem Hamed Ghali. (2021). The Role of HMGB1and KIM-1 Repair Genes in the Progression of Kidney Failure Disease. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 4244-4251.