Physiological and Histological Study of Doxorubicin Effect on Kidney Tissue in Cancer Induced Rats


  • Sundus W. Alabdullah
  • Majid N. Humoud



Cancer, Chemotherapy, kidney, Doxorubicin, histopathology


Doxorubicin (Adriamycin) is one of the chemical drugs commonly used worldwide for the treatment of
various types of cancer , and high doses of it cause unwanted toxic side effects on the kidney. This study
aims to demonstrate the physiological and histopathological effect of the doxorubicin drug on kidney of
rats. For this purpose , twenty adults male were used in this study and were divided equally into four groups
(A: control group, B: a group treated with the carcinogen only , C: a group treated with the carcinogen and
doxorubicin and D: a group treated with doxorubicin only). Five rats were included in each group and the
cancer was developed by injection with azoxymethane once a week for the B and C groups. Compared
to the other groups, there was a significant decrease in the weights of animals for the carcinogen-treated
group. The concentrations of the hematological parameters of the groups, such as Hb, PCV as well as some
tests related to the kidney functions like the concentration of urea , uric acid ,albumin ,globulin, creatinine
and total protein were measured and it was found differences between these three groups in term of these
testes compared with control group. Regarding to the histological examination of the kidney present study
showed specific tissue changes in the treated-carcinogen groups , such as lymphocytes infiltration , glomeruli
condense , destroyed of urinary tubules in addition to the presence of bleeding. As for the group treated with
doxorubicin , pathological changes were observed include, destroyed of glomerular basement membrane ,
glomeruli and urinary tubules.

Author Biographies

Sundus W. Alabdullah

Lecturer at Basrah University,College of Science, Biology Department

Majid N. Humoud

Lecturer Basrah University,
College of Science, Pathological Analyses Department



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Sundus W. Alabdullah, & Majid N. Humoud. (2021). Physiological and Histological Study of Doxorubicin Effect on Kidney Tissue in Cancer Induced Rats. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 4302-4308.