Clinical Assessment of a Local Application of Kasisadi Ghrita in Parikartika (Fissure-in-ano)


  • Snehal Kukade
  • Mamata Mate
  • Komal Kedar
  • Seema Thakre
  • Shailesh Nagpure



Parikartika, Vedanasthapana, Shothahara, Ropana, Kasisadi Ghruta


Background: Parikartika is charecterised by sharp cutting pain in anal region. In Parikartika Teevrashoola,
bleeding is observed, equally extreme pain& slimy blood discharge are seen in Fissure-in-ano
Objective: To test the efficacy of thelocal application of Kasisadi Ghruta in managing
Methods: Classical signs and symptoms ofParikartika (fissure inAno) Age groups of 20 to 60 years have
been recruited for the researchThe trial group obtained treatment with Kasisadi Ghruta local application for
28 days, twice a day.
Results: Average relief observed was observed 62.5% for most symptoms Shothahara, Vedanasthapana and
Ropana are in Kasisadi Ghruta. Properties because of which it helps in healing the ano fissure
Conclusion: Local Kasisadi Ghruta The programme has better results in the Fissure in ano.

Author Biographies

Snehal Kukade

Associate Professor, Datta Meghe Ayurved Medical College, Nagpur

Mamata Mate

MS ShalyaTantra(Ayurved)

Komal Kedar

Assistant Professor, Shalakyatantra Department, Datta Meghe Ayurved Medical College Hospital and Research
center, Wanadongari Nagpur

Seema Thakre

Assistant Professor Rog Nidana and Viruti Vigyana Department, Mahatma
Gandhi Ayurvedic College Hospital & Research Center,Salod (H), Wardha

Shailesh Nagpure

Associate Professor, Pharmacology,
Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Sawangi, Wardha



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Snehal Kukade, Mamata Mate, Komal Kedar, Seema Thakre, & Shailesh Nagpure. (2021). Clinical Assessment of a Local Application of Kasisadi Ghrita in Parikartika (Fissure-in-ano). Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(2), 4397-4400.