Profile of Fatal Head Injury Cases Autopsied at District Governament Hospital Mortuary


  • Ashokkumar Rajaput
  • Kumar H
  • Faisal Nasim Gilani
  • Eshwar S Goudar



: Road traffic accident, Skull fracture, Head injury


Background and Objectives: the study of profile of skull fractures is important as head being the most
exposed and prominent part of body; it becomes most susceptible to injuries, as a result of criminal violence
or accident. The present study was taken up to know the incidence of head injuries, age relationship,sex
relationship, agent causing skull fractures, common skull bone fractures. Methodology: data in the current
study was collected from the autopsy reports and from police inquest of all fatal skull fractures from the
period of june 2012 to may 2014 irrespective of age and sex with history of death due to head injuries brought
for postmortem examination to the department of forensic medicine & toxicology, al-ameen medical college
mortuary and district hospital mortuary, bijapur between june 2012 to may 2014.
Results: most common circumstance causing skull fractures are road traffic accidents in 77 cases (81.94
%). Male preponderance over females noted in this study with males constituting 80 cases (85.10 %) and
females 14 cases (14.89 %). The most common age group affected was 21-30 years. Blunt force is the most
common agent causing the skull fracture in 90 cases (95.74 %) and least is sharp in 4 cases (4.25 %). Among
skull fracture comminuted fracture were seen in 46 cases (48.93%) , linear fracture in 38 cases (40.42%),
depressed fracture in 8cases (8.5%) and sutural fracture in 1 case and gutter fracture in 1 case (1.06%)
respectively. Temporal bone was the commonest bone fracture in 17 cases (18.08%). Conclusion: the study
had concluded that incidence of skull fractures were common at the age group of 21-30 years, with male
predominance, most common cases were those of RTA, cause of death that were given in majority of cases
was that of Head injury as a consequence of injuries sustained.

Author Biographies

Ashokkumar Rajaput

Associate Professor Ashwini Rural Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre Solapur,

Kumar H

Administrative Medical officer General Hospital Pandavapura,

Faisal Nasim Gilani

Associate Professor Department of Forensic
Medicine, GS Medical College and Hospital, Pilkhuwa, Hapur (UP)

Eshwar S Goudar

Professor and HOD Department of
Forensic Medicine Al Ameen Medical College Vijayapur



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Ashokkumar Rajaput, Kumar H, Faisal Nasim Gilani, & Eshwar S Goudar. (2021). Profile of Fatal Head Injury Cases Autopsied at District Governament Hospital Mortuary. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(3), 116-122.