Maternal Health in View of COVID 19: Women’s Awareness, Attitude and Self reported behavior


  • Deepak



Maternal Health, COVID 19, Awareness, Attitude, Self-Reported Behavior, Adult Women


Background & Aim:Pregnancy is a distinctperiod of enjoyment and keenness. But for expectant mothers
facing the outbreak of corona virus disease, this otherwise happy moment is clouded by terror, anxiety and
uncertainty. When pregnant women are infected with viruses from the same family as COVID-19 and other
viral respiratory infections, such as influenza, they have a higher risk of serious illness. Most women are
unaware of the pregnancy effects of COVID 19 and how to protect themselves and their infants. The purpose
of this study was to assess awareness, attitude and self-reported behavior is assessed about impact of COVD
19 on pregnancy and newborn outcomes
Methods:Cross sectional research design was employed in the study. Data was collected through online
survey from 500 adult women using Total enumerative sampling technique. Self-structuredquestionnaire
and likert scale was used.
Result: Result showed that most of the women (84.2%) age group 20-30years. 64.8% of women were
Graduate and 23% of women were Postgraduate. Mean knowledge score on maternal health 5.52±1.608.
Knowledge score of women residing in Urban and rural area was found significant and in different states at
p<0.05.The correlation between awareness and attitude which shows weak positive correlation as coefficient
value was 0.109.
Conclusion : The results of the study revealed that adult women have little knowledge about impact
of COVID 19 on maternal health.There was weak positive correlation between knowledge and attitude
regarding impact of COVID 19 on maternal health.

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