Effect of Different Types of Fat on Lipid Metabolism in Rats


  • Mawahib B. Gasim Al-Farhaan
  • Azhar lateef Jabur
  • Hanaa S. Khadem
  • Mahdi M. Thuwaini




Lipid profile, fat, oils, histopathology, body weight


The current study was conducted to inquiries and to determine the impact of different edible oils in
experimental animals. Sixty albino rats that were randomly divided into 6 groups of 10 animals. The groups
were fed on dietary without fat(control) (Group I), corn oil (Group II), butter fat (Group III), refined palm
oil(Group IV) sunflower oil (Group V) and frying fat more than one for 8 weeks. After 12 h of diet removal,
blood was collected to measure serum lipid profile (T.C., HDL, LDL and T.G.) levels. Rats of Group A were
kept as control by feeding rat normal chow diet. Animals (rats) of groups B, C, D, E & F where fed by corn,
butter, palm, sunflower and frying fat more than one oils respectively, at the dose of 15% in feed for 8 weeks.
The procedures included determination of body weight gain, lipid profiles and histopathological lesions in
different organs. All experimental rats declared advance or delay weight gain during the research period
relying on type of oil. GC & GF oil treated group show highest significant (P<0.05) body weight gain, while
GB, GD& gE show lowest significant (P<0.05, (P<0.05, P<0.03) Respectively than control group. Rats fed
on diet include butterfat and frying more than one had the increment levels of TG, TC & LDL, and lower
the HDL level than control group. On the other hand, corn, palm, sunflower oils led to the lower levels of
TG, TC & LDL, but the same oils or viz (corn, palm, sunflower oils ) had incremented the HDL level as
compare to control group.
However, dietary intake of vegetable oils improved lipid profile, while butterfat and frying more than one
had the contrary impact.

Author Biographies

Mawahib B. Gasim Al-Farhaan

Lecture, College of Applied Medical Sciences, Karbala University/Iraq

Azhar lateef Jabur

Assist Lecture College of Applied
Medical Sciences, Karbala University/Iraq;

Hanaa S. Khadem

Assist prof , University of Basra/ college of science/ pathological
Analysis Department

Mahdi M. Thuwaini

Assist Prof, College of Health and Medical Sciences/ Southern Technical University / Iraq




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Mawahib B. Gasim Al-Farhaan, Azhar lateef Jabur, Hanaa S. Khadem, & Mahdi M. Thuwaini. (2021). Effect of Different Types of Fat on Lipid Metabolism in Rats. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 15(3), 722–729. https://doi.org/10.37506/ijfmt.v15i3.15397